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Three years old Border collie,Moss came in a sad state. Thin, lethargic and cowed. Taken in by his owner with the purpose of training him to be a Search dog and to herd sheep he could do neither. He just could not cope with the rigorous regime.

He hardly ate any food and slept most of the time. When we took him in he had developed a nasal fungal infection and had been diagnosed with a thyroid problem.A vet who had examined him had predicted he would probably be on tablets all of his life.

Three weeks after he arrived we had to race him to our own vets. He woke up with a vicious nose bleed pouring with blood on his bed ,all down the stairs, in the car and into the reception area at  Clent Hill Vets.

Kept in overnight ,thankfully the bleeding was stopped. After a searching examination senior vet Alun Edwards gave him leave to go home without needing a scan which would have cost £2000.

And also in his opinion Moss did not have a thyroid problem and did not need any medication.

He was right. Moss, who was only given just a small portion of dry dog food,  now thrives on a variety of meat,  fish and complete dog feed. Has put on 2 kilos in weight.

No longer cowers and worries about being ordered to herd sheep and obey orders  , but enjoys rounding up the ducks and chickens and behaves like a normal dog.

He sleeps upstairs at the end of Jo's bed together with Molly.Our two bassets Puzzle and Wilma play with him and he has now learned to enjoy life.





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