maureen's diary



It had been raining all week when a two yrs old Shetland pony, arrived at the sanctuary. It seemed quite appropriate that his name was Noah .We only wishes he had brought an ark with him.

It was a cry for help from a lady desperate to find a home for him after she had found him dumped on her land who brought him to us.

A sweet, lovely pony on the surface but we soon learned that he had no manners and had obviously never been schooled. If anyone tried to put a head collar on him he reared and kicked.

Being an entire he was obsessed with the thoroughbred  mares in an adjoining field and tried his best to escape into the field to mate with them-despite they were three times as big as this little Casonova.

The only solution after consulting with out vet was to have him castrated.

It will take several months before his amorous  antics will totally subside. But he has calmed down and grazes with the sheep and amuses himself rounding up the pigs and the chickens.  










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