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Sunny with Jo White Sunny with Jo White

Our first glimpse of Sunny was his head protruding from his mother's rear as she ran frantically in circles trying to get rid of him.Faye,the ewe,was obviously not enjoying the birthing process.

Well and truly stuck his legs tucked backwards with his swollen head staring at the world. It took desperate manipulation to ease the rest of his body out.But he wasn’t breathing We thought he was dead until miraculously he took a short gasp of breath. It took twenty minutes of resuscitation before he could breathe normally.

When we showed him to Faye she turned and ran away.No amount of coaxing could persuade her to have him near her.So he was installed in the house in a large dog crate with a stuffed Teddy to keep him company.At first he would sit with his Teddy but within a week he would spend all his time butting him.

A big lamb who drank half a litre of milk at a time he grew bigger every day.Even sprouting horns.His behaviour was atrocious.We were fostering a monster.

At two weeks old he could jump up on chairs and knock everything off the table. Open cupboard doors and trash the contents. and even learned to open the fridge .

“He can’t live in the house forever.”Jo remarked when she found him in the boot of her car which she had left open.

But Sunny was not a sociable sheep.When introduced to other lambs his age he either totally ignored them of beat them up. Until one day he met his match.

Cynthia is tiny.Born to an ancient mother she just wouldn’t grow and when the ewe’s milk dried up she needed extra food and attention..The only suitable place was for her to share Sunny’s bachelor pad in the kitchen.

He was horrified.

When Cynthia sat by his discarded Teddy he butted her out of the way and sat guarding him.

When a bowl of lamb pellets were produced he promptly sat on it to stop her eating.Same with the hay .He lay on it not realising that Cynthia was eating it strand by strand from behind his back.

When they were let out into the yard Sunny immediately dumped her and wandered off on his own.He would steal her food.Hide when she came looking for him.Made not a murmer when she bleated pitifully for him.

But after three weeks things began to change.Cynthia wandered away and hid .We called her and searched but couldn't find her. At first Sunny ignored us but after half an hour with no response he started running around bleating loudly calling for her too. When Cynthia casually walked out from behind a large bale of hay he skipped and ran to her jumping for joy.

He still tries to pretend that he is self sufficient and couldn't care less but Cynthia is now in charge.

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