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Meet Precious Featured

Meet Precious just one of the 26 victims of a neglected 250 flock of sheep.

Over a year old,she was only the size of a six month old lamb. Undersized ,underfed and riddled with worms she could not stand or feed.Her head flopped to one side like a rag doll .For four weeks she lived in the house,first on a drip to stop her dehydrating and being fed pro rumen every hour from a syringe.

Her condition was so poor her fleece came away in clumps revealing every vertebrae.Hip bones and ribs stuck starkly out from her skin –she was virtually a living skeleton. But inside that pathetic body was the determination to survive .And she did She lived on fluids and rich tea biscuits. Gradually she could lift her head up and once she could she never stopped eating,lamb pellets,sheep feed,swede( full of vital vitamins) and meadow hay.No matter what time of day or night when we went to check her she was eating.Then she made her first tentative steps tottering along on her bent front legs as fragile as pencils.

Three months later she joined some of her companions.A little group all stunted in growth and undernourished. To everyone’s amazement she became leader of this tiny flock consisting of Donald,Prudence and Herman.

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