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Maureen with bantam hen Khabou Maureen with bantam hen Khabou

The Farm Animal & Bird Sanctuary in Tardebigge has been the home of hundreds of rescued animals for 23 years.It was formerly the original home of the Farm Animal Sanctuary founded by investigative journalist Maureen Lawless and her colleague Janet Taylor.

It was during their investigation into livestock markets they witnessed sheep with broken legs being transported to market.Cattle being beaten around their heads.Orphan lambs just days old being sold from bare metal crates in the middle of winter suffering from hypothermia and dehydration.A blind sheep crashing into barriers as callous handlers beat her with sticks to drive her down a concrete ramp.

The sick and injured animals who were bought,taken to vets for treatment and a vet’s report, became the nucleus of the sanctuary.The shocking expose which appeared in the News of the World resulted in sacks of mail from an outraged public and resulted in the sanctuary being formed.

It became a haven for rescued sheep,horses,goats,pigs and poultry.Meanwhile Maureen Lawless continued to expose animal cruelty including puppy farms,dog fighting,badger baiting and stag hunting.

In 1998 a benefactor donated the use of a farm at Middle Littleton and Janet Taylor together with nearly 200 animals moved there.Maureen remained at Tardebigge with the remainder of the animals-still under the umbrella of the Farm Animal Sanctuary.

In February 2009 it was decided to become a separate charity-THE FARM ANIMAL & BIRD SANCTUARY TRUST –Different name.Same aim! The sanctuary is now run by Maureen and Joanne White together with loyal volunteers.Jo came to the sanctuary 12years ago when she was 16 to gain work experience.She trained as a veterinary nurse but gave it up in favour of dedicating her life to animal rescue.

She and Maureen live at the sanctuary sharing a house with a Blackbird called Rita who whistles "God Save the Queen",3 Basset Hounds,Molly a Collie Cross,numerous orphan lambs,four pigeons and a crow called Cawdelia.

The sanctuary is currently home to 175 sheep,2 pigs,12goats and over 50 assorted poultry-all rescued from cruel abuse or suffering from neglect.

Here in leafy Bromsgrove countryside they are nursed back to health and will live out the rest of their days in this safe haven.

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